The Secret to Easy Moving With Your Pets

When relocating, plan ahead to ensure the move is as easy and worry free as possible for you and your animal. Many dogs and cats can become overwhelmed and easily agitated during a move. Remember to consider their safety and well being during this often chaotic and difficult time.

If the trip to your new place is not a long, extended one, many dogs and cats can ride along with you. Obviously, if you are taking your personal vehicle and your animal is used to riding with you, this should be fairly easy. However, if you are utilizing a truck rental to move your belongings, you will want to check with the company. Different truck rentals for moving have different policies on animals. Ask them what they will and will not allow before deciding how to move your animal. Many moving truck rental companies can also provide you with tips on the best way to move with animals.

Identification tags are always important, but during a move, they are even more imperative. Always make sure that the ID tags on your animal and it’s carrying case are clear and that the information is up to date. When relocating, include the phone number and address to your new place, not your old one, so you can be found should your animal get separated from you.

If your relocation plans including flying to your destination, your animal can typically ride in the baggage compartment. Check with the airline ahead of time to find out about regulations concerning vaccination and other requirements. If the plane trip will be a long one or if your animal is not used to being in a confined carrier, it may become nervous. Your vet may feel it is necessary to tranquilize your animal for their own safety and well being.

If you have a small pet, such as a hamster, mice or a bird, their normal cage is typically the best way to transport them. Remember not to pack away their food, as they might need it during the trip. You will want to have plenty of water on hand, as well. Remember not to park in the sun or let the air conditioner blow directly on your petduring the ride.

One of the hardest animals to move with are fish. It is next to impossible to move a large aquarium safely if it is full of water. They are extremely heavy and fish are very delicate and fragile. You may want to consider giving your fish away to a good home and buying new ones after your move.

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