What to Do When Pets Eat Something They Shouldn’t

AAAAWWWWWEPlayful pets can eat a lot of things which they can’t digest. Sometimes these foreign objects can block their intestines and if immediate action isn’t taken, it could lead to death of the animal. Usually in serious cases, the foreign object must be taken out surgically.

Animals such as dogs and cats commonly chewing loose cords, especially those of the computer. Other things which get chewed are plants, wool strands, plastic bags, shoes, toys, purse straps, vinyl objects, leather objects, baskets, furniture, woodwork, and bed frames. Although preventative measures can be taken, and the house can be made relatively pet proof, still there are chances of accidents. Some animals either pass these objects through stool or vomit it out. Such incidents can happen anytime and the animal cannot be lucky every time. The objects can still remain in the body even after pooping and vomiting.

Vinyl and leather materials get stuck to the walls of the intestines. This condition is hard to be determined immediately as the animal doesn’t stop breathing or starts feeling dizzy. But by close observation if it is noted that the animal isn’t eating properly as it used to before, doesn’t defecate, and lies dull on the bed whole day long, means something is wrong. Since the animal isn’t in immediate danger, the owners need not panic. An x-ray and a blood test can explain the situation and the veterinarian can get a clear idea of what to do.  If the blood test comes out normal, it indicates that the animal still has time on hand and the foreign object can be removed with the help of some laxative. And if there is an indication of an infection in the blood, a sonogram or a barium x-ray can be done. The very last resort is surgery, and this should be done only when the animal refuses to eat anything. In situations liek this vomiting should not be induced as this could aggravate the condition. If the animal vomits by himself, it is okay.

Heavy duty materials block the intestine completely. Besides blocking or sticking to the walls of the intestines, some plants can also be toxic to the animal. Pet owners should become familiar with these plants, can refrain from planting such plants in their yard or home garden. Instead, most pets like to play in grass.

Plastic bags can also pose a big threat to the animal. But the rustling noises can make the plastic more attractive to your pet. Objects made out of plastic should be kept out of reach. Another precaution that can be taken is to treat objects that you don’t want chewed with bitter apple spray. They can be even cleaned with a disinfectant with a strong odor, but be careful of the type of disinfectant you use as some can be poisonous to your pet.

Since leather items are made from animal hides, they are a favorite for chewing. Shoes can be stored in high shoe racks, drawers, chest or even better, in walk –in closets, along with the purses.

A pet stands a better chance of recovering from eating something they shouldn’t have if it is attended to promptly. Make sure you post the phone numbers for your veterinarian, and also the emergency animal clinic, near your phone where they are easy to find in an emergency.

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