A talk with holistic vet and animal acupuncturist Rachael Feigenbaum

Whenever the doorbell rings, The Doone assumes it’s for her. She leaps out of her dog bed and darts down the stairs to see who has come over to play. This is followed by herculean efforts to plant her “nose missile” into the visitor’s crotch while I attempt to distract her with a squeaky toy. Her shenanigans are entertaining if the door ringer is a friend, but not so much if they are a skittish delivery guy or neighborhood proselytizer.

Dr. Rachael Feigenbaum of Lotus Veterinary House Calls.

Dr. Rachael Feigenbaum of Lotus Veterinary House Calls.

Luckily for both of us, when the doorbell rang last Wednesday morning, it really was for The Doone. I had scheduled a house call from holistic vet Dr. Rachael Feigenbaum. The Doone was long overdue for a checkup and her rabies vaccine had expired. Because I rely on holistic medicine to maintain my own health, I wanted to work with a vet who incorporated both western and alternative therapies into her practice.

While Dr. Feigenbaum was giving The Doone a full nose-to-tail inspection, I took the opportunity to pepper her with questions about her work with animals:

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