Pet Lovers Organization Gets $600K From Judge’s Estate

A North Platte organization that encourages people to spay/neuter their pets, adopt homeless animals and support the local animal shelter will receive $600,000 from the estate of the late Judge Earl Morgan.

Morgan’s family contested the will. A settlement was reached earlier this week. His estate was estimated at some $3.2 million. Morgan died June 20, 2008, He was 89.

Paws-itive Partners is Overcrowdinga small, volunteer group of animal lovers that was formed in 1998. It has struggled to raise funds and educate the public about responsible pet ownership, implement spay/neuter programs to control pet overpopulation, promote the adoption of homeless animals and to support the North Platte Animal Shelter.

President Diane Morales said the money would allow Paws-itive Partners to make serious plans for a sanctuary. She said the group would continue to raise money toward that end.

Article from North Platte Bulletin, Nebraska

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