Do Animals Have Rights?

blaze-cat-6-09I can never understand why many people see all animals as inferior creatures that do not have any rights. When I look at an animal, I see something that has many similarities with people. Sure, there are obvious differences between people and animals, but there are more things they have in common.

Both people and animals have the same physical features; eyes, ears, noses, mouths. Animals have to eat, drink and breath air to survive. They have to sleep to be able to function during the day.

And sure, animals can not talk to us, and tell us things they know. However…when a dog is struck, does he not recoil from the attack. When they are in pain, do animals not cry out? A dogs tail always gives away the fact that he is happy, or sad, or even ashamed of himself! Animals have their own sense of communications, words aren’t always needed.  Babies can’t use words either, but we don’t question their rights and our love for them. I am not comparing babies to animals, but I’m making a point that ALL living creatures have RIGHTS.

And many species of animal show parental instincts that match ours. For example; wolves, elephants, bears. There are videos of mother bears risking their lives to protect their cubs. There are videos of elephants comforting dying loved ones, saving their babies, and showing love towards each other in the truest sense!

Think to yourself, what is really so different between animals and people?

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