A Guide to Buying a Pet Urn (Part 3)

Purchasing a Pet Urn

 - What is the appropriate time to purchase a pet urn? There’s no one right answer. Your feelings will best guide you. As your pet ages, you can begin to think about making a purchase in advance, or you can wait until the time has come.

Displaying a Pet Urn


 - It’s not necessary to display your pet urn at all. You may simply want to keep it safely stored to ensure the security of your pet’s ashes.

 - Indoors – If you choose to display the urn inside, choose a place that has a special meaning to you…on a table at the foot of your bed, near the fireplace hearth, or on a table where your pet’s bed was placed.

 - Outdoors – If you prefer to keep your pet urn outdoors, the same basic principle applies; choose a place that has meaning. Under a favorite tree, on the deck, or perhaps on the front or back porch.

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