A Guide to Buying a Pet Urn (Part 1)

Our pets are members of our family. They love us, they comfort us, they make us laugh. Anyone who has lost a beloved pet knows that it’s a painful time. If you have lost your pet recently, or if you want to plan and prepare for that time, this article will help you. Here are some tips for avoiding mistakes, choosing a pet urn, purchasing an urn, and deciding on a display location.

Avoiding Mistakes

– Pet urns should be tamper-resistant. Don’t purchase a pet urn that can be easily opened, especially if you will be placing it outdoors.
– Make sure that the material used is good quality and will stand the test of time. Stone, iron, or hardwoods are best.
– Don’t overpay. Some pet memorial websites offer urns that cost up to $4,500. Although your pet is priceless, you don’t need to spend an exorbitant sum to respectfully memorialize him or her. Affordable options exist.

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