Pet Adoptions are Up

Economy gives pets new leash on life

There’s nothing like four furry paws and a wagging tail to meet you at the door after a hard day – especially with the economy in turmoil. “It’s like having a friend that doesn’t judge you,” my friend said. “If you have a bad day, they’re always there.” What a fantastic reason to honor our pets now with some pet photo memorials.

Pets are Furry therapists

Those in the pet therapy field see the comforting effects of animals every day. In fact, research shows having a pet helps reduce blood pressure and relieve anxiety according to the director of the Southern Comforters Chapter of Therapy Dogs International in Charlotte, WV. Dogs have worked their magic on stroke victims, emotionally disturbed children – even patients in psychiatric wards. It just makes sense that we would turn to pets in uncertain times.

Pets vs. vacations

What has changed since the economy soured is that more people are saying they’re giving up expensive vacations to stay home and get a dog instead. That’s what happened to one employee who works in Wachovia’s IT department. With the future of her company looking gloomy, she decided not to take a winter ski vacation and instead bought a yellow Lab. “No matter how bad the news gets,” she said, “when you come home and see that tail and that face so happy to see you, that’s really what’s important.”

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