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Always Remember

Many families find it comforting to bury their deceased pets in their back yards. Your pet probably spent a lot of time in the yard and if they could’ve chosen a place to be buried it probably would’ve been in the yard they loved. It is also not uncommon for owners to have a memorial service for their lost friend.

One way to forever memorialize your pet is to place a marker at his/her grave. Pet memorial markers are a great way to offer tribute to the pet that was so often at your side.

Keeping The Memories

Pet Keepsake Jewelry is a special way to keep your pet close to you. There are so many options and for a child that has lost a pet, keepsake jewelry is always something that they can hold on to and treasure during the grieving process.

There are many beautiful hand crafted pieces of jewelry that can contain a small lock of fur or a small portion of the ash, or just a photo of your pet. It is truly a life time memorial to the love that you shared with your beloved pet.

Horses, Horses, Horses

Lets not forget our big furry friends. There are many people that are so captivated by horses. They dedicate their lives to the betterment of the care of all horses in all areas.

Horse Figurine Urn

Did you know that you can cremate a horse and there are special urns for their ashes? Just one such urn is this wood horse figurine urn that is made from either oak, maple, or walnut woods with a life like figurine postiioned on top.

Forever in my Heart


Our pets are so precious to us – always giving love and joy (well most of the time). What a wonderful way to pay tribute to their memory but by placing a beautiful Bluestone Pet Photo Memorial in the garden or whereever your pet’s favorite place is.

Their love never leaves us – they are in out hearts forever.

Pint-Sized Pigs In The News

New breeds of pint-sized pigs are in demand as the latest trendy pet. These endearing creatures are specially bred for cuddling and indoor living–they are small enough to keep in a house or apartment.

Only a few breeders around the world have perfected the science of breeding pint-sized pigs. One American breeder offers two sizes of mini pigs: Royal Dandies™, which average 29 to 39 lbs; and the Dandie Extremes™, which average only 19 to 29 lbs. Some breeder’s claim these pigs are not only small and adorable, but intelligent, social and affectionate.

I’m guessing we’ll be seeing celebrities carrying around jewel-adorned and super-spoiled pint-sized pigs in the very near future… I wonder how they will honor their pets when the time comes – perhaps beautiful pet keepsake jewelry.

Pet Adoptions are Up

Economy gives pets new leash on life

There’s nothing like four furry paws and a wagging tail to meet you at the door after a hard day – especially with the economy in turmoil. “It’s like having a friend that doesn’t judge you,” my friend said. “If you have a bad day, they’re always there.” What a fantastic reason to honor our pets now with some pet photo memorials.

Pets are Furry therapists

Those in the pet therapy field see the comforting effects of animals every day. In fact, research shows having a pet helps reduce blood pressure and relieve anxiety according to the director of the Southern Comforters Chapter of Therapy Dogs International in Charlotte, WV. Dogs have worked their magic on stroke victims, emotionally disturbed children – even patients in psychiatric wards. It just makes sense that we would turn to pets in uncertain times.

Pets vs. vacations

What has changed since the economy soured is that more people are saying they’re giving up expensive vacations to stay home and get a dog instead. That’s what happened to one employee who works in Wachovia’s IT department. With the future of her company looking gloomy, she decided not to take a winter ski vacation and instead bought a yellow Lab. “No matter how bad the news gets,” she said, “when you come home and see that tail and that face so happy to see you, that’s really what’s important.”

Biodegradable Urns: Ground Burial

Some biodegradable urns are designed to be be buried or placed outside in a natural environment where they naturally biodegrade into the elements.

Many ground or outdoor biodegradable urns are designed with lids so that the ashes can be scattered on the ground in a pets favorite place or a well-loved location.

A small portion of the ash can be retained and placed in a uniuqe urn such as figurine urns.

Ground or earthen biodegradeable urns are made of non-toxic biodegradable materials such plant fibers and recycled paper and other natural materials such as flower petals and leaves. All biodegradable urns include a non-toxic plastic bag in which the ashes are contained inside of the urn.

The ground burial urns should not be used for water burial as they are not designed to sink.

Biodegradable Urns: Water Burial

Water burial urns are designed to float for several minutes, then descend gracefully to the depths where they gently release the ashes and then biodegrade completely within approximately 24 hours.  

Many biogradeable urn styles can be opened so that some or all of the ashes can be scattered on the surface of the water prior to placing the urn in the water or even for the purpose of retaining a small portion of the ash to place in a personalized pet keepsake jewelry.  

The materials are made from non-toxic biodegradable materials such as mulberry bark, cast paper or natural clay. All of our biodegradable urns include a non-toxic water soluble bag to contain ashes inside the urn.  

There are many styles to choose from such as rigid designs made of cast paper and natural clay can be specially coated to remain stable indoors for years before to the water burial. You will generally need to request the special coating when placing your order.